Queen Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

Welcome to our Queen Sheba restaurant

Two key words of Ethiopian cuisine are hot and spicy. The heart of a meal is injera, a large, soft, sourdough crepe. With it goes wot, a stew seasoned with a variety of spices. The taste of wot varies from hot to mild. Traditionally a meal starts with washing of hands since cutlery is not used. A small piece of injera is used to pick up wot. If desired we offer cutlery in our restaurant.

It is believed that coffee originates in the Kaffa province in Ethiopia. Ethiopian coffee is strong, rich and soft – just like good coffee should be. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony with its aroma and taste is worth experiencing.

We like to offer you a possibility to get to know Ethiopian cuisine and culinary art. Welcome to Queen Sheba restaurant!

Who is the Queen of Sheba

The Ethiopian national epic Kebre Negest claims that the legitimate kings of Ethiopia descend from the union between the Queen of Sheba and King Salomon of Israel. The Queen of Sheba plays a very important part in the history of Ethiopia. She has inspired artists and her story has been used in music and literature. 


INJERA: Injera, a large sourdough crepe, is the basis of Ethiopian cuisine. It can be made of a variety of grains, but the traditional grain used is teff. We use barley and teff for our injera. Teff is a gluten free grain and if desired we prepare teff-injera for those who use a gluten free diet.

  a tasty hot stew sauce prepared with berbere, kibe or oil and a variety of spices. Wot is prepared with poultry, lamb, beef, legumes or vegetables.

ALECHA: a mild stew sauce prepared with butter,oil, garlic, ginger, turmeric and other spices and made with poultry, lamb, legumes or vegetables.

KIBE: clarified butter seasoned with cardamom and sacred basil.

BERBERE: a mixture of several spices. Its main ingredient is red pepper, which is the source of the deep dark red colour in hot Ethiopian dishes.

TIBS: sautéed strips of lamb or beef sautéed with rosemary and chili.

a sauce with berbere, mustard powder, lime, oil, garlic and red wine vinegar.